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Driverless UPC is a division of ETSEIB Motorsport in charge of the designing, manufacturing and testing the fully autonomous car that will participate in the Driverless category. The project is a synergy of the ETSEIB and ETSETB schools.

For that, 22 students of Bachelor and Master Degrees in Industrial, Telecommunications, IT and Mathematical Engineering will first have to shape a well-prepared and hard-working team, develop technical, team work and soft skills and prepare future engineers for the upcoming challenges.

Vehicle Status Video – XALOC (Driverless UPC)

Roll out: CAT12d presentation

Driverless UPC shows you our new FSD car, CAT12d (Xaloc):

This is our team:

Here we show you some of the perception data adquired with our sensors:

We went to FSG Academy at ZF in Friedrichshafen: